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Bass (or Voice) By Wire: Remote Sessions!

By penandcad, Oct 4 2016 07:25PM

Cad is now available for remote session work, which means after hearing your track(s), he will talk through ideas with you live on Skype™, then record 'dry' bass parts locally — DI into his pro-quality Scarlett 2i4, or miked up with his Rode NT1 mic, or both (as appropriate) — and then send you the recordings to drop into your mix.

It's a great way to get a fresh pair of ears and a different outlook on your tracks, or just to add a bass part if you don't know any good bass players, or don't have the right kind of kit to record them with. Cad can play in pretty much any style, so regardless of the kind of music you play, he'd be happy to help. Well … maybe not opera … !

If you'd like to find out more, or have some tracks you'd like Cad to work on, please use the e-mail link on the left and include the words REMOTE BASS SESSION in the Subject line to kick things off. Cad's looking forward to hearing from you, and even more to working with you on your tracks!

The same goes if you have a narration or voiceover project: just change the Subject of your e-mail.

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