Pen and Cad

Copyright 2015 by Cad Delworth and Penny Jackson

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T: 07920 463 966

E: [email protected]

Penny Jackson, piano

Cad Delworth, bass guitar

Serving Edinburgh, Scotland, and the Borders


About us ...

The authentic ‘cocktail lounge’ piano feel,

with a fresh, modern repertoire.

In the days when every decent hotel or cruise liner worthy of the name had a cocktail bar or lounge, it was taken for granted that a pianist would entertain the guests with live music

— which is the origin of the terms ‘cocktail piano’ and ‘lounge music.’


Pen and Cad can give your guests that special feeling of sophistication and elegance that only tastefully played live music provides: the feeling that you have taken the time and trouble to give them a truly enjoyable, special, and memorable event.


Our aim is to entertain your guests, put a smile on their faces, and — far from killing their conversation — to inspire it, and be an ice-breaker if your guests are meeting one another

for the first time.


Our standard repertoire comes from the Great American Songbook, musicals, classic pop songs, evergreen ballads, and the movies; but we are always open to special requests.


To find out more, to request a demo CD so you can hear us for yourself, or to make a booking enquiry, please get in touch by text, e-mail, or phone.